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We are very proud to present you the feed-backs from some of our students who enjoyed our languages courses Online.

You can read that the majority of WordLingua's students appreciate the professionalism and the kindness of our languages teachers.



Ali, saudi, french student – 22/04/2016

"My french teacher is a nice persone but what is more impotant she is a professional teacher. Everything gets clair and in general you get a lot of positive emotions during the lesson."

Amélie, french, arabic student with WordLingua -  22/02/2016

"Arabic teacher very patient and committed. Above my expectations. My tutor only speaks arabic. I like it very much!"


Brian, english, french student with WordLingua - 15/03/2016

"Very helpful, very intuitive. I feel like I'm learning quickly aand enjoying each franch class."

Luis, colombian, french student - 12/03/2016

"My french teacher pushes me to the limits of my ability. Lessons are truly addictive. Very professional with great instructional content."

Thomas, french, arabic sytudent - 10/03/2016

"My arabic teacher is a great teacher and very professional: motivated and well prepared. But, I would like to be corrected more often on my pronounciation. "

Derrick, slovak, french student- 12/04/2016

"Thanks again Madam! You were, as always, very patient with me and my hesitating french durant the lesson. I appreciated a lot. I will be more careful to express my feeling and describe objects during the next lessons. I wih you a very nice week-end" See you soon!"

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