Coffee and talk: conversation classes!

WordLingua offers you the opportunity to have conversation classes. One of the best way to learn a language and reach fluency.

What is a conversation class about?

A conversation class is about discussing, exchanging, chatting with a professionnal language teacher that will be at the same time your partner, your friend, you colleague. The objective is to lead you to fluency.
Sometimes, we learn a language and have good knowledges but we lack of practice and we do not have the opportunity to “use” the language. Converation classes are aimed at developping your expression’s skills and your confidence.
This is the perfect opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

learn language conversation

How does it work?

Nothing easier than having a conversation class with our expert teachers. You just need a skype or gmail account so you can connect to video conference.
You choose a schedule according to your availability and your coach will connect and start the conversation with you. Your teacher will make you confortable and give you ressources so you can have some references about the subject your are talking about. This is how you can talk about Olimpic games, international politics, women’s place in the society or even your holliday plans getting new vocabulary and enjoying the correction about your grammar and pronounciation.
In amount, your language teacher will send you an article or a video about the topics you will discuss about so you can prepare your conversation class. After the class, the teacher will propose a written expression subject so you can go further and being corrected.


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