How to learn a language faster?

We will never stop to warn you: learning a language requires patience, dedication and ability to support frustration.

Nevertheless, you have a lot of tricks to progress faster in your learning process and get closer to bilinguism.

1- Connect to the language daily

Everyday, as a routine, think in the language you learn. Wether, the morning while having breakfast, or in the bus on your way to work, or at night, have thoughts in french, spanish or arabic.
For example, plan what you will do in the day, or make a resume of the last movie you watched, imagine if you had to expose your opinion during a work meeting, end the day remembering what happened during this day…
2 to 5 minutes per day are enough to feel you are progressing faster and faster.

2- Read in the language everyday

learn language online
No need to read books or the whole diary, just read litlle text in the language you learn so you can adquire new vocabulary and READ it, which will help to memorize.
Make you fan of a facebook page in the language you learn. If you like tennis and you learn spanish, well just get fan of Rafael Nadal’s page and read some comment each day. You learn arabic and love music? Then, why not following the Trio Joubran’s page in order to have access to their news in their language? You learn french and you love gastronomy? All we can advice you is to get fan of Bocuse’s page so you will read in french about the chef and adquire the vocabulary you need. The diary is full of informations, not only in the articles, you can read your horoscop everyday and adquire new adjectives or review the futur tense. You can also focus on ads for new vocabulary. Well, Ikea’s ads will give you the vocabulary you need for the furnitures of the house.

3- Write daily

learn language online
When you learn a language Online, in general, you developpyour oral expressions’ skills exchanging with your teacher.
Nowadays, we feel that writing is not a daily activity. At WordLingua, we do not agree with this affirmation. With the new technology we use writing skills everyday, more than what we think. how many emails do you write per week? How many whatsapp’s messages? Facebook’s comment? Twitter’s sentences?
Well, now what we can advice you is to do it in french, arabic or spanish.

If you followed our advice, you are fan of a page written in the language you learn. More than reading, we advice you to write some comments on this page, 1 or 2 lines. Go to forums of your interest in the language you learn and participate to exchanges. For example, if you like travelling, go get some advices and write tips for other users on travel forums.

All these tips we just gave you are very easy to apply everyday, and they give you the advantage you can do it by yourself hiding in your mind or besides a screen so you can express yourself without fear.

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