How to learn a new language?

Learning a new language is  a great adventure.

You decided to start this adventure and we give you some advices to learn a new language.

Do not think it can be difficult

Forget to think there are the ones who can learn easily a language and the others who experience difficulties. Everyone is able to learn a new language, at any age and even if the language is really different from his mother tongue.

In order to learn a language, you hace to dedicate some time and open your mind to a new culture. When we feel we can not make it, it is probably because our brain and our mind are not disposed to learn. When we are an adult, we have a ot of situations to deal with: work, solve problems, pay bills, take care of children, have fun… this is why we are not that much disposed to adquire new skills and knowledges. For that, we have to convince ur brain and our mind we need these new knowledges.

You have just one way: practice.

We all have the same problem: we learn something and 2 hours after we forgot almost 50%…if we do not use it, we will forget 80% in few days. Make it an habit: use what you learnt everyday, at least 5 minutes. It is really important to be constant.
Some of you will be hyper motivated at the beginning and will want to practice 2 hours per day, but then they will feel less and less motivated and will not keep the rythm. It is more important to learn a language to practice few minutes a day (5 to 10 is enough) than to do not have the same rythm.

For sure, you have to be patient if you are a beginner.

Accept that you can not speak a language in some months, not even a year. Nevertheless, practicing with everyday situations, you will discover you can say a lot. For example, if you follow our advices, after one week, you will be able to introduce yourself and present other people. After 3 weeks, you will be able to talk about daily routine and describe a person.

You do the most important part of the job.

The teacher will give you tools to communicate, he/she will explain to you the grammar and give you tips for the pronounciation. He/she has a central role of course, but keep in mind, the teacher is just 20% of your learning progress. You are the one who will developp interest for the language, its richness and its difficulties. You are the one who will listen regulary the languages in order to get used to its melody. You are the one who will look for daily vocabulary you mihght need.

You have to use your teacher as a tutor, a reference. Someone you can ask about vocabulary someone who can advice you which kind of activity you can do to practice, give you ressources and correct you.

Finally we can resume our article in one sentence: do not forget to learn a new language step by step!

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